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How to Contact eToro Support

eToro Online Chat

One of the most convenient ways to contact eToro broker is using online chat with 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday that allows you resolve any issue most fast as possible. The main advantage of the chat is how fast eToro gives you feedback, it takes for about 2 minutes to get answered. You cannot attach files to your message in Online chat. Also you can’t send your private information.

But Live Chat is currently only available to eToro club members as part of our Club membership benefits.

eToro assistance by email

Another way to contact support by e-mail. So if you don’t need quick answer for your question just send an email to [email protected]. We strongly recommend to use your registration email. I mean email that you used for registration on eToro. This way eToro will be able to find your trading account by email that you used.

Public Relations. For media enquiries
[email protected]

Business Development. For suggestions of cooperation
[email protected]

eToro help by phone

Another way to contact eToro is phone number. eToro can assist traders from a lot of countries and with many languages. Just select any country that you need and call eToro. All outcoming calls will be charged according to the tariffs of the city indicated in brackets. These will vary according to your telephone operator.

 +44 20 3805 4822
 +44 203 150 0308 (corporate)
 +44 203 868 7213 (corporate)

  • +44 20 3326 9900

France – Euros
  • +33 1 71 19 79 60

Germany – Piabo
  • +49 30 2576 205 – 51

  •  1-800 778 439

  • Alabama  1-800-222-1253
  • Alaska 907-465-2521
  • Arkansas 1-800-981-4429
  • Connecticut 1-800-831-7225
  • Florida 1-850-487-9687, (800) 848-3792 (toll free)
  • Georgia 1-888-986-1633
  • Idaho 1-888-346-3378
  • Illinois  (888) 473-4858 (toll-free)
  • Iowa Telephone: 1-515-281-4014
  • Mississippi  1-800-844-2499
  • Nebraska (402) 471-2171 or (877) 471-3445
  • North Carolina 919-733-3016
  • North Dakota 1-701-328-9933
  • Ohio 1-866-278-0003
  • Oregon 1-866-814-9710
  • South Dakota 1-605-773-3421
  • Texas 1-877-276-5554
  • Vermont 1-888-568-4547
  • Washington 1-877-746-4334
  • West Virginia 1-304-558-2294
How to Contact eToro Support

eToro help by Opening a new Ticket

Welcome to the Customer Service Center, your one-stop-shop to track the progress of your open tickets, retain records of closed issues, search for answers to your questions in the knowledge base and submit questions and feedback directly to our team

Due to a high increase in the volume of requests, our response time may be extended. Please note that currently it may take up to 14 days for us to get back to you. We are working to handle all inquiries as quickly as possible and thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. For live chat click here.

Before opening a case, we would like to kindly recommend checking out our Help page where you will be able to easily find answers to many of our frequently asked questions. This page can be accessed by going to
How to Contact eToro Support

Which is the fastest way to contact eToro?

The fastest response from eToro you will get through the Phone Call and Online Chat.

Or The quickest way to get answers to your questions is to use our Help Center, where youll find information on everything from Copy Trading to deposits and withdrawals.

How fast can i get response from eToro support?

You will get immediate response if you contact eToroby phone. You will be answered in several minutes if you write via Online chat and it will take for about 24 hours to get answered by Email.

In which language eToro can answer?

eToro can answer your question in any language you will need. Translators will translate your question and give you an answer on the same language.

Contact eToro by social networks.

How to Contact eToro Support
Another way to contact eToro support is Social Media. or Gmail account you can send message in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Gmail. You can ask common questions in Social networks, for the serious problems please write on Email [email protected]
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